Monday, March 18, 2013

365 Great Nighttime Kid Activities

Do you look for interesting things to do each evening with your kids?

I love the great page on Pinterest -

Amy Grant has created some really cool summer time activities...

We have adoopted many of the activities and added a few of our own :)

1.  Glowstick Baths... One of our favorites:

A great post from a Pinterest community member :)

2. Straw Rockets - this was great - decorate the rockets, shoot them off with straws, also from Amy's Pinterest page/blog:

3.  Dissolving Lollipops - Two lollipops, one in a jar of hot water and the other in cold water... see which one dissolves faster, and talk about why :)

(insert picture)

4.  Glowstick lanterns - A great idea which we have been doing for a while.  You can see a nice writeup at:

We like to put corn starch in the jars and use semi-transparent bottles - makes it almost ethereal.

Things to try:

1.  Glow cones to catch fireflies